Steve Jobs would probably never have made it to IITs (it might have been too difficult)!


Getting into a quality college is tougher in India than anywhere else in the world. At MyCollegeSherpa we believe that each student deserves a quality college education in his/her area of interest. We open your mind to the immense quality options available to study abroad. We are Counsellors and your interest comes first. We advise on What Fits You, Not Force Fits You!


We decided to apply technology to add tremendous depth to the need for counselling during the application process. We ensure that each student gets personalised, high quality counselling advice at a fraction of the usual cost. All this from the convenience of their home. And not just in the big cities!


We know it is not an easy process (is getting into a good Indian college any easier?!). Our proprietary tracker helps you maintain a time-based, systematic approach with alerts that simplify the process of making an application. Your supportive Personal Counsellor provides you required expert inputs all along the way.


You want to make your mark in the world!  Think deeply about studying overseas. Start investing…in Yourself