Anytime Anywhere

Foreign University Education Consultant


In the past getting a Counsellor to advise you on the best overseas education required searching for a quality counsellor, wasting precious hours in travel to meet the counsellor and the willingness to pay a hefty fee. Well, no longer!


Your MyCollegeSherpa Counsellor works with you the way you wish to - over video conferencing, email and chat modes. No more wasting time travelling long distances for a 30 minute face-to-face meeting.


MyCollegeSherpa allows you to decide the suitable time for a session with your Counsellor from the convenience of your home or institution. It works for the late owl or early bird, and allows you to search, save, print and review each stage of your information. You could even send your document at night and your Counsellor will probably respond during the day while you are in school or college. System generated and “Note to Self” reminders ensure critical deadlines are always met.


You get to work Anytime Anywhere!