STUDY OVERSEAS EDUCATION CONSULTANTS (verb) To serve as a guide for another


Sherpa Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary were the first to climb Mt. Everest on 29th May, 1953. Three Sherpas, including the legendary Apa Sherpa, have summited Mt. Everest the maximum number of times - a record 21 times each!


At MyCollegeSherpa, we derive inspiration from the Sherpas who guide mountaineers through the treacherous Himalayas. Just like these guides, we at MyCollegeSherpa help students through the difficult terrain of college selection and applications to access the best possible education overseas.


We believe the competition for good colleges in India is increasingly irrational with better quality education and choices available in colleges overseas. However, good student counselling, that is critical to understand the options and navigate the tough application process, is available at high cost to only a few students in big cities.


MyCollegeSherpa combines our experience and expertise to translate these thoughts into an online counselling process. We added the benefits of a college database and a progress tracker with alerts to add depth to the counselling process for the student- all the while retaining the crucial personal commitment of a Counsellor.


MyCollegeSherpa, with Your Personal Counsellor, Anytime Anywhere, and a simplifying Tracker was conceived.