My College Sherpa brings the foreign education consultant to your fingertips to help you get the best from an overseas education. We are already one of the top foreign education consultants in Pune & Kolkata and our technology led approach now makes us present across the country especially in Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai. We support the student by using technology tools to multiply effectiveness while retaining the crucial personal commitment of the best foreign education Consultants. Click on Anytime Anywhere to read further about how we allow you to work from your home or college at your convenience.


We developed My College Sherpa from a set of simple concepts:


  • The unrealistic competition for limited quality colleges is disheartening the aspiring student across India
  • A much better quality overseas education is possible with some financial aid and education loans, if necessary
  • While quality education institutions are penetrating deeper, good foreign education consultants are available to only a few students in limited cities

My College Sherpa was developed by this team of Standard-BITS-IIM alumni with over 40 years experience of counselling 5000+ students to bring a simple technology enabled solution that brings the higher education consultant for study abroad to your doorstep.


Over the years we have personally counselled students to successfully apply across STEM and liberal arts universities such as Princeton, Amherst, Pomona, MIT, Georgia Tech, Stanford, Colgate, Grinnell, Wheaton, Clark, Pomona and Carleton, among others (read our Student Testimonials).