Refund and Cancellation Policy


By subscribing to the Subscription Plans of SherpaEdu, User agrees that SherpaEdu may start User’s subscription immediately upon the receipt and acceptance of the payment received from the User. This means that the User is not entitled to a refund if the User changes his mind after SherpaEdu has provided the User with access to the Subscription Plan. The User, shall not be entitled to claim any refunds towards the amounts paid in lieu of the Subscription Fees already paid under any Subscription Plan irrespective of whether he avails the Services during the term of such subscription or not.


Cancellation of Subscription Plan

Upon successful payment of Subscription Fees by the User towards the Subscription Plan and the same is credited and acknowledged by SherpaEdu, the User shall not be entitled to cancel its registration / Subscription Plan towards such Services.


User does not have any right to cancel the Subscription Plan or any part of it until the end of the subscription period i.e. based on annual academic sessions. Although the User may notify SherapEdu about the intention to discontinue or cancel the Services at any time, such notice will only take effect at the end of the application process for the specific academic year for which the User had taken subscription for and the User will not receive a refund of the subscription amount.


Cancellation Policy


Sherpa Edutech Private Ltd. (SherpaEdu) reserves the right to suspend or terminate User’s subscription and / or registration if User’s breach the Terms and/or Privacy Policy of the Portal, with or without notice.  SherpaEdu may also suspend or terminate Users subscription if SherpaEdu is prevented from providing Services to the User by circumstances beyond the control of SherpaEdu.


User may notify SherpaEdu about the intention to discontinue or cancel the Services at any time by contacting at


To enable SherpaEdu to cancel the subscription,User should provide SherapEdu with complete name (as was in the subscription order form), Email address, Subscription ID and Contact number clearly written out.


This Refund and Cancellation Policy shall be read with the Terms and Privacy Policy of SherpaEdu.

The defined terms shall have the meaning so assigned to them in Terms and Privacy Policy of SherpaEdu.