Your Personal Counsellor

Personalised Counselling for Overseas Education

With thousands of colleges to choose from, you find yourself in a maze.  There are well-wishers and there are peers, there are parents and there are teachers who will advise you.  All of them want the best for you, but they do not have the full vista of educational opportunities before them.  You will be spending a lot of time and energy to work through the maze and yet you may miss the best of the possible options.


We counsel on what fits you, not on what you fit.  Unlike the recruiting agents of foreign colleges who fit you into the narrow choice of colleges that they have, we consider the whole range of thousands of options to find the colleges that fit you.


ounsellors who willingly spends the time to understand your background and interests to guide you on your choice of colleges for application.  The synopsis of your successive online counselling sessions concluding with clearly stated further steps will be recorded for your reference.  This facilitates smooth continuity of interaction across sessions.


Our counsellors will lead you through your academic and professional career, question you to uncover the aspects that you forgot or overlooked, take a close look at important academic and professional activities such as projects, independent work, highlight your achievements, discover the reasons for shortcomings, even failures, to write outstanding and credible submissions like SoPs & admission essays.  They will pilot you through the confusing application and financial aid processes. In these myriad activities, our systematic proprietary tracker will help you ensures that nothing is missed.


Our systems help us to achieve our objective of getting you into the best possible overseas colleges so that you may fulfil your role in your chosen professional career with distinction.