We firmly believe that every student is entitled to access the best higher education overseas on the basis of academic interest, capability and potential.


To ensure that every student achieves their academic potential with a quality overseas education, it is MyCollegeSherpa’s endeavour to give the students the support of our personalised counselling by the best overseas study education consultants with technology tools that are always available to the student for use at their convenience.


What Do We Offer?

  • When you register with/join My College Sherpa to seek admission to Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral studies in high-ranked universities for overseas study education, you have the privilege of using the end-to-end range of services provided by our trained overseas study education consultants.  We are with you at every step from:
  1. Refining your choice of universities made from our proprietary database of over 5000 overseas colleges
  2. With the help of our overseas study education consultants, drafting effective, appealing and outstanding
    • Essays & SoPs
    • Letters of Recommendations
    • Precise résumés
    • Persuasive RA/TA communications
  1. The process of application for overseas study
  2. Presentation of the evidence of financial capability & applying for scholarships
  3. Preparation for the crucial visa interview


No other study overseas consultant provides a proprietary college database with a Tracker so that you can continuously monitor your progress to meet the application deadlines.  Our technology tools add tremendous depth to the study overseas counselling process provided by our top study overseas education consultants.