Student Testimonials

It was definitely a great privilege and support to prepare for a reasonably strenuous process under your guidance You made complex things quite simple. You were always there for the support whenever I needed. It’s really rare to come across an individual who has the breadth and depth of information and at the same time, quite down-to-earth on interactions. I definitely enjoyed this experience. Thank you so much for your immense support, without which I would not have reached where I am today. 

Karthikeyan Sundaram

University of Illinois at Urbana (UIUC)

  I can rightfully say that it has been a pleasure to work with you throughout the entire process. You have taken a keen interest in every student and strived to get the best out of him/her. Your advice has been of paramount importance to me in not only choosing the right college but also in improving my standardized test scores. You have made me take an active part in the entire process, thereby promoting my own learning. The excellent resources, expertise and guidance available with you have provided me with an invaluable experience

Ayush Poddar

Denison College

When you take your first step towards college, you realize that it is much more than just applying to Ivy League schools.  It was through your guidance that I could make a cohesive list of colleges that I should apply to and look beyond the ‘Need to go to an Ivy school Myth’. It was your rigorous brainstorming methods, positive approach, patience, kindness, and support that I could figure out what I wanted to do in the future. You have not only been a great mentor but also a great friend who has understood me easily and helped me at any given time of the day.

It was pleasure to work under your guidance and given another chance I’d work with you all over again. My experience with you has been an enlightening one and I hope you can help other students like me. I’m extremely happy in college and I’m sure without you this wouldn’t have been possible.

Malvika Jain

Bard College; University of Virginia

I was the quintessential Indian student - trying to wrestle with sumo-wrestler sized IIT-JEE prep books with the faint hope of getting into an institution most called Paradise. And just like Eve, I was excessively anxious to get out of it.

Then one fine summer afternoon, just as Dorian Gray met Lord Henry, I met you. Walking up the stairs to your office I felt like the everyday organic chemistry student - I knew too little to even hope to get started. Exactly a year has passed since then and I feel like I know a little too much about every minute detail of the admissions process for my own comfort.

You have become the Jeeves to my Bertram Wooster - always armed with solutions to all my problems, always keeping a tab on the lazy soul that I was to make sure that I was on track and motivating me at 3-second intervals.

Subsequently you went on to become Dumbledore. You bestowed upon me ACT prep books much like Harry was given the Sword of Gryffindor, helped me slay that old basilisk (the civilised crowd call it the CommonApp), let me make my own decisions but always made sure that it was an informed one; and every time I completed our conversation, I felt the same calm satisfaction as Harry - the hope that things just might work out. 

Just like Harry and Dumbledore slew Horcruxes together, we slew essays. You were to my vast essays what the 4 siblings were to Narnia - only you could salvage my 2500 word essays and turn them into 650 worded wonders without losing the essence of it.

I've made it to my dream college but I still feel like I'm dreaming. So I'll just say thank you for being Mr. Peabody to my Sherman (or too put it simply, the Devil to my Prada).

Gayatri Choudhury

New York University

Thinking about where I should pursue my college education was one of the first major decisions I made as a teenager. There was a mind-numbing plethora of options out there, and each had its own pros and cons. To top it all, the application process itself seemed like such an ordeal. I had a few major questions and a million little ones to answer. You walked me through every step of the process with phenomenal patience. You helped me understand what kind of an environment I would flourish in, or in other words, what would be the right match college for me. You guided me meticulously through the applications itself, and helped me introspect and come up with great ideas for my essays even when I thought I had reached dead ends. Thank you for being extremely approachable, even when I was frantically trying to meet deadlines after midnight. Most importantly, you worked together with me to find what would be best for me instead of enforcing a formulaic general opinion. After two years at UC Berkeley, I could not be happier, and I owe this to you!

Vedika Agarwal

University of California, Berkeley

I really could not have asked for a better person to guide me through my college applications. I started my college applications during the last couple days of September of Class 12. With your help, I started working on my essays and my Common Application. My dream college was Georgia Tech and its early action deadline was 15th October. Judging by the quality of my essays, I had almost given up hope that I would be able to turn in my application within 2 weeks but then you assured me that if we work together then it would be possible. As it turns out, I am now attending Georgia Tech and am also a member of a great living learning community called Grand Challenges. Apart from just my essays and applications, working with you taught me how to write. It taught me how to express myself. It taught me how to manage my time and prioritise my activities. Till date, if anyone asks me for suggestions regarding college counselling or anything of the sort, I always narrate the great experience I had with you and I am very grateful to the whole team who made the admission process as comfortable as possible.

Swagath Saraogi

Georgia Institute of Technology

  As we reach the business end of the application process, I am fully convinced that we have made the right decision in not trying to do it ourselves but to take your help in navigating the complicated process of US admissions.

During the last 10 months, you have been a mentor and guide to Nikhil, and an advisor and a friend to us. We have used your services in several ways, as a sounding board, as an extension of our own capabilities and resources and as a team member. We have taken your help in all possible areas – exams to take and preparations for the exams, short listing of universities, writing of essays, application for financial assistance, etc.

Our experience has been great and I have nothing but the best words for what you and you team have been able to do to aid and assist us in this arduous process.

Mr.Rangarajan (father of Nikhil, Carnegie Mellon University)

Nikhil Rangarajan

Carnegie Mellon University